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    From Hindu, Sikh funerals to Tamil funerals, multi-cultural funerals Holland, we can guide you and also arrange all..

Welcome to Indian Funeral Holland

From Hindu, Sikh funerals to Tamil funerals, multi-cultural funerals Holland, we can guide you and also arrange all..

Indian Funeral The Netherland provides a full spectrum of funeral services.

We have a vast experience as funeral directors in meeting the exact requirements of all our customers, providing compassion and care for the bereaved, and respecting both tradition and traditional customs.

We are trained in the funeral industry and have been working in the funeral world for over ten years. We use all our experience to make this difficult moment as bearable as possible for everyone. We are committed to providing and preserving all the religious and cultural traditions of the departure from life, involved in all funeral arrangements. From Hindu, Sikh funerals to Tamil funerals, multi-cultural funerals, we can guide you and also arrange all the duties required during the procedure. Thus, our scope fully encompasses the breadth and length of Indian culture.

our funeral service team will contact the temple, church or place of worship, crematorium or cemetery and / or the person who will be conducting the service to arrange a date and time that are convenient for each other. Rest assured that all aspects of arranging a funeral are taken care of with perfection and according to the rituals.

Wherever you are insured, we will take it over for free!
No funeral insurance? With us you are cheaper for a funeral!
Budget cremation with a short farewell for a small group of people, after which the cremation takes place without the presence of next of kin or with surviving relatives.

Our team has a funeral background, so experience in the care of the deceased, repatriation, funeral services etc. We are not like other funeral companies that outsource everything to other companies and who have no funeral background. We ensure that our staff provides the best service at every opportunity.

Indian Funeral guides the period from death up to and including the funeral with personal attention, so that you can look back at that moment later in a good way. We also provide the right priets and that the rituals are done in the right way and the aftercare.
In our view, a deceased deserves the best possible care and we will respect their wishes as much as possible with the next of kin. Everything about the funeral can be discussed and the possibilities of implementation are therefore unlimited.

Our price structure is transparent and the next of kin receive a budget with the expected costs after the first meeting.

Compare other funeral websites and see the difference! That there are no clear prices on their Funeral website. Why? read the reasons! so don't be fooled!



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