About Indian Funeral

The staff of Indian Funeral has a Hindustani / Surinamese / Dutch background and is professionally trained and meets the highest standards. Our team has a funeral background, so experiencecaring, etc. Since 2006 we have been active in the funeral world. We have worked at Monuta in transport, collecting the deceased, caring , etc.

Indian funeral guides the period from death up to and including the funeral with personal attention, so that you can look back at that moment later in a good way. We also ensure that the rituals are done in the right way and also for the aftercare. We provide services, support and reassurance to families when they need it most.

You can count on us to receive a funeral according to the wishes of the deceased and your loved ones. Wherever you are insured our not insured, you can always contact us.

We can also assist you with:

    • Funeral Service
    • The final care and restoration
    • Registering the death at the registry office
    • The printing of the mourning card, the liturgy if necessary, the thanksgiving
    • Any advertisement in the newspaper or radio
    • The funeral or cremation ceremony, an ecclesiastical ceremony or a personal service of word and music
    • The funeral transport on the day of the ceremony
    • Record a possible funeral monument of funeral wishes
    • Giving a speech at the funeral
    • Contemporary and traditional or spiritual funerals
    • After the funeral attention for the next of kin
    • Repatriation to your birthtplace



Indian funeral in the Netherlands