• Step-by-step plan - day of death Indian Funeral

    Indian funeral has made a 5-step plan for the Indian community in the event of death.


    We must declare the doctor who issues the death certificate A and B certificate to the municipality for cremation or funeral, repatriation. If the deceased has not died of natural causes, the statements must be issued by the GGD.

    • Does the deceased have a donor card? Discuss this with the doctor.

    • Call Indian Funeral Services to arrange everything further.

    Unnecessary mortuary costs arise when the deceased spends too long in the mortuary of a hospital or nursing home


    Consult and check the following matters together:

    • Does the deceased have funeral insurance?
    • Does the deceased have additional insurance?
    • Discuss who will make the funeral decision and assume all responsibility
    • What is the available budget for the funeral?
    • What are the wishes for the funeral?
    • Burial or cremation or Repatriation
    • Rituals and which priest?
    • Wash and dress the deceased's body with family
    • Ceremony
    • Grave (monument) & cemetery
    • Casket or shroud
    • Urn
    • Clothes
    • Flowers
    • Music
    • Funeral card
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    • Transport on the day of death
    • Transport on the day of the funeral
    • to a funeral home or at home
    • Follow car (s)
    • Carriers
    • Who will go to the oven space?
    • Where are the ashes scattered?
    • Costs Funeral

    Indian Funeral Staff is there to give advice and to record and book all appointments for the funeral ceremonies.



    When step two has been arranged, all information about the funeral is ready.

    Together with the client, we usually make a digital mourning card with all the information where the ceremonies take place and the times.
    Call family members and ask them to call others to forward the digital mourning card via WhatsApp and / or Facebook.



    The Decision maker of this funeral goes through everything that has been agreed with us, there is an agreement on paper of agreements and costs for the funeral, both of which sign the next day.

    Then we make a program for cremation for funeral day together with the Decision maker.


    This is a standard program if the deceased has a large family / circle of friends.

    Day 1: transfer of deceased to funeral home
    Day 2: Wash and dress the deceased's body with family
    Day 3: condolence visit afternoon or evening
    Day 4: condolence visit afternoon or evening
    Day 5: condolence visit afternoon or evening
    Day 6: cremation day or funeral the funera


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