Paying for a Funeral – Can I afford it?

  • We provide a comprehensive range of services;including set priced package plans as well as being able to cater for bespoke funeral services. Adding additional services onto set priced plans can be arranged or if you want a truly personal service we can organise a meeting with one of our funeral arrangers who can design a funeral service to cater for your specific wishes and requirements.

    Paying for a Funeral – Can I afford it?

    People are understandably very concerned by the cost of a funeral. India Funeral Services will tailor the cost to suit your specific needs;we are keen to ensure that we are able to meet the needs of everyone.

    We also offer package funerals and a very basic cost budget funeral. Just explain to us your needs or budget and we will help. Please don’t be afraid to talk to us and we will do our best to help.

    Another way to protect your money or savings against inflation is a pre-paid funeral plan. You pay now and the cost is guaranteed for the future. A very sensible idea with great peace of mind. Your money is placed safely into a Trust Fund against the cost of your funeral long into the future.

    The Department of Social Security can offer help towards the cost of the funeral through the social fund. The Social Fund is a government scheme to help people on a low income with emergency expenses. If you require assistance we are happy to help complete the necessary documents. But you must be a Dutch citizen to qualify for this fund

    More information and further questions can be answered by an arranger either in person or over the phone.

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