Home Funeral

A special place when to someone past away in his home, in the familiar environment. past away out your loved one at home makes saying goodbye more personal. You have plenty of time to say goodbye. You decide who comes and when. Home Funeral out at home is therefore increasingly being done.
It is also possible first the deceased at home for a few days and then transfer it to a funeral home.

At your home: how do you do that?

Your loved one can be laid out in bed or already in the chest at home. We have a portable cooling that can be placed in a bed, under the sheets so that you do not see the cooling, or under the chest. The use of a cooling plate is to properly conserve the deceased until the day of the funeral so that the next of kin have the opportunity to say goodbye to the deceased throughout the entire period up to the funeral. If no bed is available, we also have a temporary shelf (resembles a bed) that we can take with us. We often place a folding screen so that the deceased is shielded from view.

During the hot summer months, an air conditioner to support a bed cooling system or box cooling system is very important. An air conditioning also prevents possible undesirable cold loss of the bed cooling system or box cooling system in the area.
Especially in the case of warm ambient temperatures, there is the possibility of an undesirable decomposition process taking place. That is why an air conditioning system can offer good support, we can also supply this.

We check every day whether everything is still in order.

It can be very pleasant to leave someone at home in the familiar environment. This can also be done in a workshop, house of a family member or friend or a garden shed or a special place of the deceased.

It is also good to know: if for some reason it is no longer possible, we can always arrange transport to a funeral home (day and night).

A deceased person must be cremated or buried no later than the sixth working day after the death. Depending on which day death occurred, this is the way to determine the maximum number of days.

Home funeral : cheaper, right?

The costs for a home funeral are around € 50.00 for the rental of the cooling plate per day. The costs of deposition in a funeral home are around € 650.00 including 2 funeral visits of 45 minutes, without taking care of the deceased with family. It will be cheaper in price between € 600 - € 850 than in a funeral home.

It is increasingly common for the deceased to wish not to be laid out in state. Then we take the deceased to funeralcentre of your choice and ensure that he / she is taken to the place of the farewell meeting on the day of the funeral.

Lay out deceased in funeral home
If laying out at home is not possible or desirable, you can opt for a funeral home, possibly with a 24-hour room to which you will receive the key. Otherwise, you are bound to make an appointment for a funeral visit.



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