Indian Funeral Flower service

Flowers belong to all kinds of special moments in life, including death.
Often, funeral arrangements are ordered while arranging the funeral. You can then choose something in the flower book and you do not have to go after it yourself.
A funeral arrangement often has ribbons, but that is not mandatory.

However, not everyone opts for flowers at the funeral. Because of religious beliefs or for other reasons. I am aware of this and will handle it carefully. If I know the family probably doesn't want it, I won't bring it up. If it's not clear, I'll bring it up.

Funeral arrangements
There are different types of funeral bouquets or funeral arrangements. With speaks of funeral branches (elongated funeral arrangements) and funeral wreaths (large round funeral arrangements). Nowadays a (large) Biedermeier is often seen as a funeral arrangement at funerals.

Indian funeral cooperates with florists who stand for good quality and excellent service.

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Indian funeral in the Netherlands