Indian Funeral Live Music

Indian Funeral Live funeral music makes a big impression! Live music touches and makes a funeral more personal. Music evokes memories. It provides comfort to the bereaved and helps make the funeral / cremation ceremony a fond memory. Also the favorite song of the deceased is sung or played such as Bhajans or Bollywood songs etc.

Our musicians and singers are:
-Sanjay Jodha
-Sagar Malik
-Soeniel Chitaroe (famous saxophonist)
-Hansraj Jaipal plays the piano
-Sandeep Badloe from SR Music
-Lucky Singh

Live music at the funeral is a valuable addition:
-On arrival of the family / interested parties
-At the beginning of the ceremony
-During the ceremony
-When leaving the funeral location / auditorium
-During condolences (background music)


Indian funeral in the Netherlands