My funeral wishes

We have been able to provide many different funerals. Do you already know what kind of goodbye you want? And is your family aware of your specific wish that, for example, only the rituals, services, music of your favorite choice be played? It can be nice if you already see a scenario in front of you, but it is even better if your loved ones know that too. It gives a good feeling when you know that everything has been arranged and that the farewell will soon go as you wish. If you are not quite sure what your wishes are, you can also exchange ideas with us without obligation.

My funeral wishes

Some people like to take matters into their own hands and to put his or her wishes on paper. That way your next of kin know exactly what your wishes are. You also prevent your next of kin from being left with complicated questions. We often hear the question: "my mother or father has died, I do not know whether she / he wants to be buried or cremated, does my father or mother want to do a service with ritual or without?" You shouldn't even think about having to make such choices for someone else, should you?

To help you on your way, we have developed "Funeral Wishes ". Here we guide you through all parts of the funeral.

You can record your funeral wishes in our document "Funeral Wishes Hindu Funeral". Here you can also state names and addresses of people you would like to invite for your funeral later. You can keep the document 'funeral wishes ' yourself with your personal papers or you can give it to one of your loved ones for safekeeping. This way you have the certainty that your wishes form a basis for the interpretation of your farewell.

If you find it difficult to fill in "Funeral Wishes ", we would be happy to visit you without obligation to help you with this and to answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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