Cremation Family Gold Package.

Completely arranged cremation with 3 x mourning visit and ceremony in the crematorium.

(Depending on which crematorium you choose, you have to take into account extra costs if the cremation takes place at the weekend. Cremation in the evenings also is a extra costs in some crematoria.)
    • -General care and arrangement of the funeral.
      -Transportation of the deceased to funeral home.
      -Complete care and clothing of the deceased.
      -Funeral Coffin 3 colors
      -Use of the funeral home 6 days
      - Taking care of the declaration of death in the municipality of death.
      - Death certificate.
      - Choice of funeral car in color White, Burgundy, Blue
      -Funeral Follow car 6 persons
      -Cost of crematorium
      -Crematorium service 90 min
      -3 x mourning visit 60 min
      -Ritual washing with family
      -24/7 phone support.
      -Remove ICD or pacemaker (if present)
      - Cashing in policies (administration costs)
      - Providing the ash in ashes carton
      -Condolence register free
      -Free flower arrangement worth 100 euros and live band
      -Digital funeral card (E-card)

Package price:


Our funeral rates without hidden costs , clear and  transparent .




(Services that you can buy extra add in, and extra costs that can be added in price)

    - Taking care of a declaration of a death by a GGD doctor 90.00
    - Home (in bed or in the coffin) including transport to the crematorium 449.00
    -50 mourning cards incl. Layout and shipping service 249.00
    -Abus or urn have delivered to Zuid Holland and Utrecht
    -Mourning visit 45 min 149.00
    -Coffee, tea, soft drinks per person from 2.25
    - Excluding any mortuary costs if the place of death is the hospital or nursing home from 150.00
    - Pickup supplement for deceased persons between 23:00 - 08:00 hour 150.00
    -Surcharge weekend cremation from 350.00


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